Belt it out girl!   

It's Good For You!!!

Read Carolyn North's personal ideas about singing and healing.
Look at you Miss Nosey
~  Scrolling all the way to the bottom snooping around
for something delightful.

Well fine -
here it is.
Sing again,
with your dear voice
A tone
Of some world far          
                  from ours,
 Where music and
moonlight and feeling
   Are one.

- Percy Bysshe Shelley,
   To Jane--The Keen Stars
were Twinkling
Will wonders never  cease at

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Sing with really old people:
A Denmark study found that singing songs to people with
dementia  and Alzheimer's helped reduce agitated behavior,
made the patients more communicative and had an overall
calming effect.
For centuries, music has been known for its power to heal.

This ancient art is now being recognized and used in modern science.
The University of California, at Irvine did a study on choristers.  

The results showed significantly increased levels of immunity-building
proteins just prior to performance and even more dramatically afterward.
Singing makes you fierce!

It releases a mood elevating endorphin.

This is part of the reason why many hospitals
use music therapy.  

Happy people respond better to treatments.
Singing makes your breath rhythmic.

This reduces blood pressure.....
Creates a calmed state of mind......
Delivers more oxygen to your cells.....
Stabilizes your metabolism.......
Can loosen clotted blood vessels......
Produces a result similar to acupuncture.....
Increases focus and concentration..................
Sing! Sing! Sing!

Maybe someday the IRS will let us write off karaoke as a medical expense.

Do you think so?