This is a Fate Morgana off the Norwegian Coast.  
The image in the distance is a mirage.  

There is a legend about a woman, whose love and fate were hurled against time & circumstance.
Out of this story, a legend and a phenomena have emerged.....

In her distress, Fata Morgana fools her watchers,  
and makes it seem as though there is something just in the distance..........
Will wonders never  cease at

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Said to be the half sister of King Arthur,
Morgan La Fey was forced, sold in fact,
by her father into marriage with a man
whom she could not stand.

After some time of loneliness and isolation,
she escaped back to her fathers castle.

In fear of her husband returning to take her back,
she began to produce the Fata Morgana, an illusion of
an island and safe port to fool sailors away from where
she is really hiding.  Many times, sailors will vividly
describe seeing a castle, yet find that no matter how
long they sail towards it, it does not get any closer.  

This is how she has stayed hidden and
safe for all these years.....
She also likes to make it seem as
though mountains appear.

Geophysical Institute scientists say
this effect is produced by a rare
phenomenal produced by layers
of warm and cold air mixing.
Blah blah blah.
I like the Morgan explanation better.
I am the Fate Morgana,
and I have
hidden myself away...
So I wander and wander along,
And forever before me gleams
The shining city of song,
In the beautiful land of dreams.

But when I would enter the gate
Of that golden atmosphere,
It is gone, and I wonder and wait
For the vision to reappear.