It is suggested by some cryptologists and others that crop circles
are depicted in prehistoric stone and wall carvings, such as in the
spiral patterns carved in a stone at Newgrange in Ireland.
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Star light,
Star bright,
How I wish,
How I might,
Have the wish
I wish tonight!
The sun sets on a field. When it rises again the following morning,
that field has been transformed into an enormous work of art.

A large section of the crop has been tamped into a pattern of circles, rings and other
intricate geometric shapes.
But who created it?
Crop Circles are
usually found in
grain crops,
where the crop
has been
found laid flat,
in patterns, that
did not exist in
daylight the
previous day.
These circles and diagrams appear
as if by magic in fields of grain.
Most are in England near
Stonehenge but almost every
country has had its share.
Crop Circles are intricate and precise
"drawings" in the fields of grain.

The grain themselves are bent over
but not broken in the least, and each grain
stalk continues to grow as if it were still
straight up!

As a matter of fact, analysis reveals
these particular grains grow even better and
more robust then their counterparts which
have not been bent over.

Some people have attempted to duplicate
these circles, formations or patterns but the
clue to an imposter is that there is no
magnetic or radiation (slight as it is) in those
fields, or non-breaking of the stalks.
Although thought by many to be
a phenomena of the 20th
Century, crop circles and
formations have been around
for a very long time,
and records even date back
well before the invention of the

The most well known positive
depiction of a crop circle is
found in a woodcut made in
1678 with the title
'Strange News out of
Pretty sure this is fake too...
Newgrange, one
of the world's
most famous
monuments, was
built around
It is surrounded by giant
standing stones and has a kerb
of 97 stones. At Winter Solstice,
the sun shines into the passage
and chamber through the
Artworks or Alien Signs?
It is more than 600 years older than the Giza
Pyramids in Egypt, and 1,000 years more ancient
than Stonehenge.
One mystery just seems to lead to another
doesn't it?
Fake or no?
People travel to
wonder at the height of
the mountains, at the
huge waves of the
seas, at the long
course of the rivers, at
the vast compass of
the ocean, at the
circular motion of the
stars, and yet they
pass by themselves
without wondering.

As soon as man does
not take his existence
for granted,
but beholds it as
thought begins.

--Albert Schweitzer
Will wonders never  cease at

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