This is what the formations look like from the air -
It is HUGE!    The stones and the formation were
first discovered in 1968 by a private pilot
who was flying over the island on his way back to
the US mainland.
Will wonders never  cease at

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Less than 1 mile off the shore of North Bimini and a bit off of Cuba
lies a unique underwater phenomenon.
A series of rectangular stones, laid
out in 2 straight parallel rows,
lies in less than 15 feet of water.
Just off the sugar white sand beaches of Bimini
something marvelous has been discovered.....
The stones and the two rows
are actually part of a much larger
formation that, due to it's size,
is only visible from the air.
This in itself would not have been much
more than a curious discovery
if it weren't for a man named Edgar Cayce.

Edgar Cayce was a well known psychic and
clairvoyant who died in the mid - 1940's.

Although he made predictions in many areas
he had a particular interest in the
"Lost Continent of Atlantis".

In 1936, Edgar Cayce predicted that
"The first signs of Atlantis rising would occur
in the Bahamas, near the island of Bimini".

He also predicted the year.

He narrowed it down to either 1967 or 1968.

31 years after Cayce's original predictions
and more than 20 years after Cayce's death,
this formation was discovered!
Would you like to see underwater
footage of the amazing Bimini Road?
Click my nose to see what I have seen......